My Newsletter Builder


MNB is a leading email marketing solution where easy and affordable comes first but does not trump the ability to provide outstanding live support. It's easy to manage your email marketing easily with subscriber lists, create professional looking newsletters, send emails on a safe and trusted platform and track your email marketing campaigns.

Their sending system is one of the fastest and safest platforms around, so you can send confidently and receive support every step of the way.

MNB is an Email Marketing service provider with 10 years experience specializing in providing boutique email newsletter services. They have a robust sending platform, keen eyes for deliverability, and a well-rounded understanding of industry best practices. 

They provide a hands-on approach to their clients and coach what works best for a variety of business verticals - including B2B and B2C. 


Email Deliverability
List Management
Segmentation & Targeting
Multi-User Accounts
Email Automation
RSS to Email
Form Generation
Performance Dashboard
Email Editor
Email Designer