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Another popular email marketing platform that caught our attention is Moosend. They offer some of the most interesting and complex features in a very accessible, simple and easy-to-use user interface. 
It seems like Moosend concentrates its efforts on adapting and customizing their email solutions and working with a wide array of business models, from listed companies to high-tech startups. Their features can enable you to design and send email marketing campaigns while managing and developing your mailing list and creating insightful statistical reports.
Moosend allows you to choose your own plan, suited for your business, granting you access to most of their features. You can learn more about the Moosend features in the Email Solutions section below.

Email Solutions
“Create beautiful email campaigns, automate them, monitor their performance in real time and skyrocket your growth.” This is the phrase that Moosend chose to describe the features they offer, and it is indeed aligned with their services. Based on your current purpose, you can choose the ones that are suited and begin your journey to enabling better Email Solutions. 
Moosend allows you to build your email list with our custom sign-up forms in order to successfully increase the number of subscribers, segment your lists to get the best results, collect verified data related to your recipients and enable automated list growth.  
Moosend strived for an easy-to-use, flexible and very attractive email campaign editor, which can be a suited choice if you wish to send professional looking campaigns, while the variety of responsive templates can help you stand out. Moosend focuses on responsiveness, design history, campaign scheduling, personalization and customization - quite a functional combination of features. 
Automation can be very powerful when done right, but sending the right message to the right person at the right time takes more than a wild guess. Moosend also provides a feature that enables you to monitor your performances in real time, by managing and tracking KPIs to grasp that insightful data and improve your results. 
Monitoring and reporting your email campaigns with Moosend has the main purpose of revealing strategic and insightful data. You can see what links are clicked by your subscribers, their device of choice and their behaviour by location in a quick, trackable and easily generated report. 
Moosend aimed for a powerful statement when they said that everything is possible through their user interface. It is supposed to allow you automate marketing activities, integrate applications and tools and connect them to their API. They also provide you with a whole directory of available integrations and take care of your inbox placement rate. 


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