MDirector is cutting edge marketing technology development company founded in 2007. MDirector is part of the Antevenio Group. The headquarters of the company are in Madrid (Spain) and the enterprise has operational offices in two continents: Barcelona (Spain), Milano (Italy), Paris (France), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Mexico D.F. (Mexico). MDirector works with clients in over 50 countries. Clients range from Fortune 500 companies to institutions, from SMEs to NGOs.

MDirector is a professional and very intuitive platform, which allows marketers to manage communications to a database of clients and/or prospects on various channels: Email, Mobile, Social and Web Display Retargeting, taking full advantage of multichannel communication
MDirector offers a complete suite that will help marketers simplify the fulfillment of their strategic objectives by providing: campaign planning, creation, execution, data analytics, behavioral targeting, complex integrations with any system via API, and much more.

With the Email Marketing software MDirector you will be able to communicate and increase customer loyalty sending your news through personalized emails thanks to an integrated Cross-Channel Marketing strategy.


Landing Pages
Lead Generation
Segmentation & Targeting
Email-Based Abuse Protection
Email Deliverability
Social Sharing
Email Automation
Bounce Handling
List Management
A/B Testing
Form Generation
Email Designer
Email Rendering
Email Templates