MailerQ is made, maintained and supported by Copernica, the leading provider of high-quality marketing software in The Netherlands. Copernica was founded in 2000 by Michael Linthorst and Emiel Bruijntjes and is based in Amsterdam.

MailerQ is a high-performance MTA, designed to handle large volumes of email. It runs multiple parallel threads to deliver email, network calls are non-blocking and messages never hit a disk. MailerQ uses message queues and JSON, giving you full control over your email flow. You can monitor and intervene when necessary. Prioritizing and Routing has never been easier.

MailerQ is competitive. It beats every MTA in performance and pricing, and it has all the features that you find in other MTA's.


Reputation Monitoring
Compliance Monitor
Security & Encryption
Email-Based Abuse Protection
Bulk Emailing