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If you are looking for an option that can give you access to some of the top email marketing services on the market, you can consider MailChimp. A company that creates both easy-to-use and affordable solutions while providing you with a variety of features and integrations, ready to support you into sending marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns. 
Another useful feature that MailChimp can provide is: report generation. This way you can understand the outcome of your efforts and improve your practices over time.
This company stays indeed at the forefront of email, as they are the world’s leading marketing automation platform and they manage to deliver more than a billion emails every day. MailChimp strives to be more than a business, to create a culture and build a community that nurtures leadership and which creates some of the most advanced email solutions you can implement.

This section covers basically everything you need and more when it comes to creating an email campaign. Here you can find features like the Email Designer, Email Templates, Facebook Ad Campaigns, Multi-User Accounts, Merge Tags or the Email Beamer.  

Managing your email campaign has more implications than you might think. But MailChimp covers a lot of these aspects, offering features like Custom Forms, Segmentation and Groups, Advanced Segmentation and Subscriber Profiles.  

Successfully landing into the inbox may be tricky at times, but if you understand the complexity of email delivery you are already on the right path. Here are the features that you can use to approach deliverability: Marketing Automation, Product Recommendations, Abandoned Cart, Geolocation, Email Delivery, Order Notifications, Predicted Demographics, Delivery by Time Zone, Inbox Preview or RSS-to-Email.  

It’s always important to use analytics to track, understand, compare and improve your email marketing efforts. But how? Here are a few feature options offered by MailChimp: A/B Testing, Reports, Multivariate Testing and Comparative Reports. 

Mobile devices are certainly winning us over, and they quickly become the number one choice when it comes to opening our email messages. Here are a few features that can help you adapt: MailChimp Mobile, MailChimp Snap and  MailChimp Subscribe. 

Let’s not forget the sharing features offered by MailChimp. Here they are: Campaign URLs, Social Profiles, Social Sharing. Use them to turn your emails into easy to share, beautiful campaign web pages, create social profiles and share your campaigns to social media networks. 


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Multivariate Testing
A/B Testing
Inbox Preview
Notifications & Alerts
Email Deliverability
Abandoned Cart Recovery
Product Recommendations
Contact Profiling
Segmentation & Targeting
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Email Rendering
Digital Ads
Email Editor
Email Templates
Email Designer
Email Automation
Marketing Automation
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