Mail on the Mark


Mail on the Mark is a service of our Portland, Maine-based branding and content marketing firm, Visible Logic, Inc. They recognized there was an underserved market of business owners who needed well-designed and custom-branded e-newsletters. 

After providing clients with premium branding services they would turn around and start using a low-cost e-newsletter service, with disappointing results. Relying on monkey mail and constant headaches to deliver, was not working out.

Getting into the inbox of your prospects and clients is an important branding touchpoint. Most of their competitors only offer generic templates. With Mail on the Mark, they have complete control over the look and feel of the emails, creating a comprehensive brand identity.

Over the years, they heard loud and clear that our clients not only wanted us to design their e-newsletter, they wanted help generating ideas, writing the content, then formatting and sending the emails. They wanted to delegate the entire process to someone who would get it done better than they could do themselves and on a more consistent basis.


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Email-Based Abuse Protection
Email Deliverability
Compliance Monitor
Performance Dashboard
Social Sharing
List Management
Email Automation
A/B Testing
Email Rendering
Bulk Emailing
Email Templates
Email Designer
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