Mail Dog


Mail Dog is a company that creates a New Marketing Landscape because today‘s marketers need a wider range of permission and online tools to keep their register ringing. 

The Dog not only delivers a complete range of permission email tools but now also provides tools for publishing landing pages, RSS feeds as well as online video streaming solutions for clients’ websites. 

It’s all integrated to work seamlessly and once again, their clients are delighted with the results. And while they do indeed have some pretty cool technology at work, it’s all about the level of service they provide to the clients. They seem to score straight A’s with clients and they’ll jump through hoops of fire to ensure your success.

Every aspect of Mail Dog has been influenced and improved by our own real world experience and feedback from our customers and clients alike. And so far, 2,500 companies, big and small, have put the Dog to work at their business sending tens of millions of spectacular-looking, permission-based communications to their own customers and prospects.


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