Mail Agent


MailAgent was established in 1993 and it is an established IT Solutions Provider, specialising in the analysis, design and implementation of technical solutions and direct marketing strategies for companies worldwide.

Successful direct marketing depends on far more than just choosing the right technology.  It requires a unique blend of skills in a number of disciplines including marketing, data and project management. At MailAgent they believe that what differentiates them from the others is the ability to wrap together proven broadcast software, direct and online marketing expertise and best of breed reporting and analytical tools.

The members of the MailAgent team are multi-disciplined - every one of their customers benefits from years of experience and knowledge in marketing, integration of e-marketing in the traditional marketing mix and the management of campaign data into your existing CRM systems.

They also have experts in through the line marketing, data specialists and project managers. Members of our team will work with you and your agencies to help you make the most of your e-marketing.


Email Rendering
Social Sharing
Survey Generation
Email Automation
Segmentation & Targeting
List Management
Contact Behavior
Compliance Monitor
Form Generation
Email Editor
Email Templates