Mad Mimi


Mimi's out to change the way email is marketed. Originally, Mad Mimi didn't set out to create an unusually good email marketing company, but instead, they had simply set out to create an unusually good email. They needed something stylish, simple and easy to make, to promote our little music company.

They searched for email services online and found millions – but we didn't like them. The outdated templates, the overall spam feel of the promos, and the general lack of joie de vivre in the process.

Instead of settling for the status quo, they designed our own email campaigns. Soon, people were asking us to design emails for them. They thought: sure. And Mad Mimi was born… so that everyone could create a well-designed, elegant email.

Soon, they added robust delivery, easy audience management, tracking, and support. All handled in that simple, powerful, semi-rebellious way that makes the other, complacent email marketing companies nervous… and you happy.


Multi-User Accounts
Social Sharing
Drip Campaigns
Compliance Monitor
Security & Encryption
Email Deliverability
Lead Nurturing
List Management
Form Generation
Email Templates
Email Designer