Lucini & Lucini Communications


Lucini&Lucini Communications Group has been operating in the digital marketing sector for over 15 years. Currently, the company offers a state-of-the-art email marketing cloud software and lead generation service.

Lucini & Lucini Communications has offices in Ireland, India, Mexico, and Italy. Today the Firm sends worldwide more than 4 B email/month for all types of businesses, they all use Lucini&Lucini Email Marketing for Lead Generation, Brand Awareness, Event Marketing, Online Surveys and Social Media Marketing. 

Lucini&Lucini’s database covers many countries worldwide with a strong presence in Apac, Latin America, Russia and Europe. The Company has developed its own systems that provide all the services, above all the AdSender cloud infrastructure that successfully sends more than 150 million e-mails daily. Lucini&Lucini’s mission is to be at the cutting edge of high volume cloud email transfer technology and to become the global leader in the e-mail marketing business.


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