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Listrak is the place where innovation meets experience and a company that believes in the power of building relationships, not only with their clients but between retailers and their customers. This means that they concentrate on providing a comprehensive data hub that gives retailers 360° shopper insights and that power sophisticated, relationship-building, omnichannel campaigns.

Their focus is set on creating a unified experience across every channel, in order to build a personal, customer-centric campaign that would drive incremental ROI.

Listrak promises to support you by providing both retail-specific solutions and expert strategists that will enable you to create a personalized experience across marketing touchpoints for strong, lasting customer relationships.

They also aim to provide innovative solutions and to stay at the forefront of retail email marketing innovation with world-class software, solutions, and services. Relying on progressive technology and strategies, Listrak is a company that can help every online retailer and performance-oriented interactive marketer to drive incremental revenue and to increase customer lifetime value.


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