iMailingtool is a product of iWink, a full-service Internet agency based in Groningen, and mainly specialized in finding out how to do more with the Internet. Within iWink, a small team, the iMailingtool Team, is responsible for the iMailingtool product.

In this way, we are able to offer excellent service and to focus on everything that has to do with email marketing and SMS text messaging. The advantage of this is that within the Team an enormous expertise exists in the field of email marketing and mass text messaging.

Combined with the knowledge about the Internet (marketing), the experience, and the manpower of iWink, this guarantees that iMailingtool is constantly being updated and that you can be confident you are working with the best tool available for email marketing and SMS text messaging. Creating links to your CMS, CMR, and website is nothing new to us; our roots lie here. 

This means that iMailingtool does not necessarily have to be a separate product in your Internet marketing package.


Email Templates
List Management
Product Recommendations
Digital Ads
Transactional Email
Survey Generation
Bulk Emailing