Hiya Mail


Hiya helps organizations communicate with their customers and prospects. They provide the services to transform those relationships into more profitable, timely, and measurable business outcomes. 

Hiya assists clients in the establishment of a dialogue that is immersive, interactive, and social. It's what they term the intelligent brand: a multifaceted entity that lives and interacts with consumers in a personalized way across many channels. 

Progressive organizations achieve their business objectives by deploying communications channels and touch points that facilitate intuitive transactions, provide value-added services, and encourage loyalty. 

Outstanding results can be obtained when brand and business elements are seamlessly integrated. With Hiya, the consumer's journey from discovery to the realization of both needs and wants is streamlined. 


Transactional Email
Email Deliverability
Email Designer
Segmentation & Targeting
Survey Generation
Social Sharing
List Management
Compliance Monitor
A/B Testing
Inbox Preview
Dynamic Content
Email Editor