Email marketing is no longer about sending mass mailings. Using Flexmail you set up hyper-personalized and targeted campaigns for every target audience. And that’s how you create a unique experience in the inbox of your contacts. Get visual insight into your target groups and the behavior of your contacts using the Flexmail contact management.

With Flexmail, you have all the intelligent tools you need to set up beautifully-designed, professional and above all effective e-mail campaigns to grow your business. In Flexmail you effortlessly send your campaign to the right audience. Select the message you want to send, determine subject and sender, and compose your desired audience by making a selection on your mailing lists, interest labels, and preferences.

Email is neither the first nor the last touchpoint in your contact’s lifecycle. Using the Flexmail Marketing Automation you set up your own simple or complex scenarios to deliver the perfect message to your contacts at crucial moments in time.

Track your email campaigns, mailing lists, forms, surveys, the activity of your contacts and marketing automation campaigns in real time using one of the many interactive reports. Keep an eye on specific campaigns, ongoing trends, real-time activity streams and more. They make extensive campaign details like delivery rates, open rates, behavior, interactions and site activity visible so you can take full advantage of them.


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