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APSIS is a Swedish company founded by a digital marketing visionary and which has been around for over 15 years now. They have been providing solutions worldwide, with the purpose of encouraging and supporting clients in their digital marketing efforts. APSIS strives to provide you the solutions that are key enablers to the progress and smart growth of your business while increasing reach and focusing on people and sharing knowledge.

As a leading digital solutions provider of the Nordic market, APSIS offers a variety of solutions in email marketing, marketing automation or lead management. With the help of their both technological and creative professionals, APSIS aims to create well-designed marketing solutions that combine their extensive industry experience and their focus on technology, in order to make sure that every client experiences a personalized approach that can satisfy the needs of their business.

APSIS also develops digital marketing tools in-house, including software, support, and knowledge sharing events, in order to support online marketers into establishing their brands and growing their businesses.

As for their solutions, APSIS divides them into 5 plans, such as APSIS Pro, APSIS Lead, APSIS Ecom, APSIS Profile Cloud and APSIS Integrations. Besides that APSIS provides clients with consultancy services on Strategy & Analysis, Trainings, Consultation and Creative Services.


Segmentation & Targeting
Product Recommendations
Abandoned Cart Recovery
Lead Nurturing
Contact Profiling
Survey Generation
Form Generation
A/B Testing
Compliance Monitor
Marketing Automation
Email Rendering
Email Templates
Email Designer