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Ampliz is a company that provides industry leading, custom developed and inexpensive data solutions and services, in order to run successful email marketing & telemarketing campaigns, by optimizing the customer data & other omnichannel marketing initiatives and using Complete & Correct Customer information.

The company believes that understanding the requirements of your customers means getting in touch with them. Ampliz has a comprehensive database of 7 million contact details of all industries including manufacturing industries, IT industries, healthcare industries and B2B organizations, which can help you in conducting many successful marketing campaigns to take your business to the next level.

They promise records that are 100% complete, accurate, validated and verified, in the form of a perfect, high technology, data management software application that will help you perform complicated data-related functions in the easiest possible way.

Ampliz offers different subscription plans to fit all kinds of businesses of all sizes and budgets. You can find all the features available to you in the list below. 


Segmentation & Targeting
Email Editor
Email Templates
Form Generation
Social Sharing
Marketing Automation
Email Automation
Scheduled Sending
Lead Nurturing
Contact Profiling
Contact Behavior
List Management
Survey Generation