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Admail is a company that started in 1995 with email marketing and database management systems and which today provides email marketing products, expert advice, and customer service.

Their solutions support clients from the entertainment, government, retail, finance or manufacturing industries and their main selling point is an all-in-one email marketing and social media solution, created to keep up with the new demands of a changing business environment. This was the idea that stayed at the foundation of and which created an extensive solution that includes the List Builder, Email Builder, AdSocial and Accu Trak features.

The Advantage is a simple solution that allows you to take back the control of your email marketing and data management systems. It works on your time schedule and gives you the flexibility to create, test and deploy your own targeted email campaigns 24/7.

Besides that, the company supports you with the help of their team of friendly IT professionals, always ready to guide you. They will help you deploy the highly configurable templates and design one to your own specifications. 
Extensive hygiene, integrated data synchronization, developing professional email campaigns and newsletters? You can receive full support for any of these, whether you are just starting out or you are already an advanced professional. 


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