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Adestra is a company that strives to create success stories for their customers by delivering the right, email-driven technology and superior services, in order to bring clarity to the complexity of digital marketing. 

The company focuses on providing professionals with the software and insights that can support them in creating and delivering personalized emails based on unique traits, behaviors and current needs. 

Adestra has been empowering their clients to maximize marketing ROI through email-driven technology for over 10 years now and they managed to gain the trust of many global and growing brands through their flexible account structure, customer success focus, and award-winning service.

Because the company was founded on the principle that marketing success takes more than technology, we can see that today customer service can be found at the heart of this business. Adestra considers that the company is not just Software as a Service, but Software and Service.

If you would like to find out more about what Adestra can offer to you and your business you can consult the list below. We put together all the products and services that are available to you.


Email Automation
Email-Based Abuse Protection
Email Deliverability
Performance Dashboard
Social Sharing
Email Rendering
A/B Testing
Form Generation
Lead Nurturing