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Addemar is a company that develops intelligent, do-it-yourself, web-based marketing solutions, designed to enable professionals to create, launch and evaluate multi-channel marketing campaigns.

The company’s marketing data bank allows you to create your own analysis and insightful reporting environment in order to set up relevant segmented and targeted commercial campaigns. This way you can create a unique inbox experience and get visual insights into your target groups and the behavior of your recipients.

Addemar’s intelligent tools provide everything you need to set up beautifully-designed, professional and effective email campaigns while their marketing automation solutions enable you to set up your own email sequences and deliver the right message at the right time.

Addemar was founded in 2003 and now it reached more than 200 active users. Over 70 marketing and communication agencies use Addemar technology to develop direct marketing campaigns for their clients and their portfolio includes famous names like Miele, DHL or Emakina.

The company has a strong focus on providing high performance and user-friendly solutions and as a result, their efforts have been recognized with the Gold “Seal of Excellence” from the European Multimedia Forum.

There are a variety of features and services that Addemar can provide and if you would like to find out more about them, you can consult the list we provided below.


Survey Generation
Performance Dashboard
Social Sharing
Lead Nurturing
Email Deliverability
Scheduled Sending
Email-Based Abuse Protection
Bulk Emailing
Compliance Monitor
A/B Testing
Marketing Automation
Form Generation
Dynamic Content
Email Templates
Contact Behavior
Segmentation & Targeting
Email Editor
Email Designer
List Management