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Active Campaign is a company that started in 2003 and since then, it has been reinventing the way marketing should be done. With a strong belief in intelligence-driven marketing as a key enabler for getting better results, the company strived to create a powerful, easy-to-use solution at a reasonable price.

Even if they started with solutions for business owners who needed a way to keep in touch with their contacts, they, later on, set a very important goal: to help marketers send fewer emails while still achieving better results by giving them the marketing automation and automated sales CRM features they need to send intelligently targeted campaigns.

Through their pursuit of intelligent automation solutions that enable responsible yet more effective, marketing practices, Active Campaign had a direct impact on how marketing is done online, and it allowed them to aim for even more personalized marketing experiences.

Today, Active Campaign stands for both a product and a company and they are rapidly growing on the market, establishing a strong position as an innovator in the marketing automation space.

There is a variety of features and solutions that Active Campaign can help you with and we put together a list that you can browse through – you can find it below.


Form Generation
Marketing Automation
Contact Behavior
Lead Nurturing
Notifications & Alerts
List Management
Compliance Monitor
Email Deliverability
Performance Dashboard
Dynamic Content
A/B Testing
Email Templates
Email Rendering
Email Automation
Segmentation & Targeting