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Action Rocket is the creative studio for the Email Channel and a company that mainly focuses on creative ideas, design and HTML development that can be implemented in the e-mail.

Action Rocket considers email as a channel that lays at the intersection of data and creativity and therefore strives to provide its clients with user focused email design solutions.

As a business, their decisions are guided and focused on technology, analytics and nonetheless the behavior of the recipient. They believe that the Action Rocket magic happens when an engaging message receives the support of the smart usage of data, in the form of a well-thought visual design and robust codebase.

The Action Rocket creative process encompasses Creative Strategies, Design, HTML Development, Results & Feedback, while they can also provide learning opportunities and the Action Rocket Cloud, an email marketing workflow platform meant to bridge the gap between an email designer building a template, and a marketer sending the final HTML.

Depending on your needs, you can either choose the Action Rocket creative services or work with them for specific parts of your project. Either way, here is a complete list of the services that Action Rocket can provide to support your email efforts. 


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Email Rendering
Email Templates
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