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8Seconds is a company that promises to help you significantly increase the conversion of your email campaigns and landing pages by offering you automated real-time A/B & Multivariate Creative Content Optimization solutions.

It also focuses on features that can support you in increasing your CTR, Revenue, and ROI. All in a very fast, easy, and cost-effective manner.

The company was founded in 2009 and since then it managed to successfully develop and market Email Optimizer, the cloud solution used for the real-time creative content optimization we mentioned above.

8Seconds works with clients all over the globe and they register great results with technology solutions aimed at helping them increase sales conversion through the email channel. They also concentrate on innovation and they are committed to becoming the global technology leader in automated real-time creative content optimization for the cross-channel application.

Their clients come from a different range of fields and the 8Seconds technology can apply to ESPs, enterprise clients or agencies that wish to implement a simple, yet complex and effective solution.

There are a variety of solutions, features, and services that 8Seconds makes available to their clients and we created a list where you can easily access them – you can find it below.


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Lead Nurturing
Email Designer
Performance Dashboard
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Drip Campaigns
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