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250ok is an email company and a platform aimed at empowering data-driven senders with real-time insights into email performance, brand reputation, and DMARC compliance. The company believes that email is in their business DNA and their work shows results from brands responsible for billions of dollars in revenue, which trusted them to maximize their email marketing performance.

The company provides email products and solutions designed with the purpose of enabling their clients to grasp advanced insights into email deliverability, sender reputation, fraud protection and customer engagement.

250ok as a business, started their activity in 2011 when they began reinventing analytics and deliverability software. While the company started more as a pet project, created by former ExactTarget email deliverability manager Greg Kraios, it grew into a very successful business.

Today, the 250ok email analytics inform senders like Marketo, SendGrid, SparkPost and Adobe and it is responsible for more than a quarter of the world's legitimate email. Their products and solutions aim to revolutionize email management software for businesses of all sizes and to create innovative tools for the modern sender.

We put together a list of products and solutions that 250ok can offer you. So, if you’d like to learn more about how they can support your business, browse through the list below.


Email Editor
Email Designer
Contact Profiling
Segmentation & Targeting
Compliance Monitor
Email-Based Abuse Protection
Reputation Monitoring
Notifications & Alerts
Performance Dashboard
Email Deliverability
Inbox Placement Testing