Let's Talk About The Beauty of Email Design. photo

Let's Talk About The Beauty of Email Design.

We're so happy you stopped by to read this article on Email Design.

If you are one of us techies and email geeks, you are probably really excited to read this and since you are here I am going to assume that you've probably been through a lot of articles covering this subject, admiring all those amazing designs and trying to understand the masterminds that lead the world of email. 

And I must say, we did too. We thought we would share with you what we learned over the years and a few of the most insightful questions that we've asked ourselves.

There's not even a doubt about the importance and effectiveness of Email Design, in fact, I do believe that it is a key factor that often can determine the success of your email marketing efforts. And we did stumble upon a few great pieces of content that we learned a lot from. I am going to link them at the end of this article, because the last thing I want is to lose your attention, now when the fun part starts.

Still here? Great, let's dive into it.

 If I could give you one piece of advice it would be to always approach Email Design with an open mind. It can be really difficult to do so when you are surrounded by this abundance of information showing you the best practices in the industry, the how to’s and the exact list of steps that you should follow. That is amazing indeed, and we highly value the powerful resources that we have access to, but remember, you can always go a step forward and do it your way.

E-mail itself is a very dynamic field – nope, still not dead, not even a bit. I think you know that. It is just...let's say reinventing itself. Also, an impressive return of investment if you ask me. But Email Design goes even further, transforming along and molding not only with this amazing age of digitalization, but with the unpredictable, yet the unavoidable behavior of the all mighty recipient.

Now that we created a context for our discussion, let's start by covering a few basics. While Email Design can be a very complex term, it's important to remember that at the receiving end, it comes down to that engaging interaction that you create, the overall look and feel of your design and nonetheless simplicity and functionality.

But for you, for you, there's a lot of work behind that. You need to ask yourself: 

  • What template are you going to be using? 
  • Is this layout effective? 
  • Did you pick the right images? 
  • Is your content shining and engaging enough? 
  • Did you manage to nail that call-to-action this time?

These are questions that you need to ask yourself over and over again because right now the answer is: It depends. There is no one size fits all when it comes to Email Design and you can see it as an obstacle, but oh boy, you can also see it as an opportunity. Sure, your process can become a whole lot more effective if you keep being consistent and reusing certain snippets of content or code, but please, remember that every email campaign has its own story to tell.

Now that my rant about the "purity" of the email practice is over, let's move over to something more factual and analyze a few key elements that you should definitely keep in mind the next time you are designing an email campaign.

Design with the recipient in mind.

Quit thinking about your marketing goals for a second, just a second...See? It’s not that hard. Now, try one the shoes that your recipient wears on a daily basis. Think about their device of choice, their online behavior and what they actually need from you. There are some valuable insights you might discover.
We are at a point where more than half of the number of emails are opened on mobile devices, so that's already a categorical yes to responsive design. Optimize your design for all devices – you see, not being selfish can bring you higher open rates that you can selfishly savor by yourself.

Why are you here?

Ask yourself, why are you actually creating this email campaign. There is nothing more enjoyable than a purposefully designed email, and your recipients can feel that. Remember that sometimes less is more and maybe focusing on the right message to send instead of sneaking in just another offer, is the right way to go.

An image that speaks a thousand words.

Visually appealing and meaningful images should always find their way into your Email Design, not just because they are attention grabbers and can help you create that obvious well-thought-out design, but because your recipients are actually enjoying it. I know I am always impressed by those artsy, thought-provoking and bold images. What about you? Do you ever find yourself creating your own scenario based on one single image? Well, if you do, you are not the only one.

Don’t speak at them.

It’s a conversation, you want and maybe long for a response. So, why not design your emails with that in mind? You have access to the technology and the most innovative email tools, so all you need to do is to engage and create a design meant to nurture communication, coming from both sides. From CSS animations to interactive calendars and personalized content, use it all to create that excitement and to get rid of that boundary that kills the conversation.

Be Thoughtful.

Study up, understand the psychology behind Email Design and do your best to stay on top of your game. Your recipients deserve to experience positive emotions if they decide to hand you their email address. Learn more about the cultural aspects, color scheme psychological implications and facilitate content assimilation. Your Email Design should always feel like a breeze, not a tangled bunch of words and images.
And what about the diminishing attention span of our subscribers? You are probably, in fact, experiencing it yourself, and you’ve noticed that unexpected turn that your focus can take after a few minutes. Understand these implications and come up with a minimal yet complex design that can get the point across without giving your recipient a headache. 

Create an experience.

You should never be just another email in an inbox. You should strive to be remembered and instantly recognized. It’s not easy indeed, but you can do it if you decide to go that extra mile. Your recipients don’t remember emails, but they definitely remember experiences and there are so many elements that can help you create a unique one.

  • Invest into your email design – your recipients can recognize a quality visual. 
  • Pack in and send out some value with that email – everyone remembers a nice gesture. 
  • Remember storytelling – understand your audience and tell a relatable story. 
  • Illustrate your message – graphics, charts, visual maps, and infographics facilitate data visualization.
  • Dare to innovate – uniqueness is always attention grabbing.

These are just a few tips that you can use to create an experience, but figuring out your own method is what makes it interestingly individual.
There are many aspects to take into account when designing your email campaigns and this is only the beginning. Let’s say a starting point for your amazing journey of creating an outstanding email design for your next campaign. I am sure you are also eager to learn more about the practical and technical parts and we can’t wait to approach that into our next blog posts.

I am really glad you stayed with us until the end, I hope this article helped you understand our vision and motivated you to create your own. And no, I did not forget about those links I promised you. You can find them right bellow and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did.